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Author Valorie QuesenberryWords have intrigued me since I was quite young. I was blessed to have parents who encouraged me to love a good story, especially my father who read books aloud to my brothers and me in the evenings at bedtime. We were enthralled as he worked his way through stories both classic and cute, old and new.

As a middle-school student, I recall getting my first library card for the Argie Cooper Public Library in Shelbyville, Tennessee. What a thrill to lay that stack of books on the desk and watch the librarian punch those cream-colored cards with the return date.  It was there in that stately building adorned with oil paintings and Victorian-esque chairs that I came to love the smell of old books – pages worn with age but vibrant still with adventure. To this day, I enjoy browsing shelves in the library, but nothing will ever quite equal those childhood days when books became a beloved pastime.

I did begin writing at a young age with such masterpieces as “The Adventures of Munster Mouse” and “Ode to a Worm” to my credit. It was in high school though, that I learned I could put words together to impact someone else’s thoughts. My English teacher, Mrs. Charlotte Hawkins, encouraged me to enter an essay competition. I chose one of the suggested topics, wrote the paper and placed in the top three. And I found I loved the writing part of it. From then on, I entered the competition every year, enjoying the feel of words as I sifted through them to find the right way to phrase my composition.

In college, I loved the literature segment of Freshman English – Miss Marcia Davis opened up the vistas of symbolism in the study of “The Scarlet Letter.” I can still recall my anticipation of those classes. For a class assignment, I submitted a character piece featuring my mother and was honored to be published in the college magazine. During the rest of my college days, I wrote – for classes mostly, and a few pieces on topics that interested me.

And then, I married my sweetheart, graduated college, began ministry alongside my husband, and was blessed with four amazing children. It was while I was expecting my second child that I became interested in writing again and, along with another writer friend, started producing a small newsletter-type publication for Christian women called The Ladies Companion.  It has grown slowly and, after many redesigns and upgrades, I am still enjoying editing it.

In 2008, my husband encouraged me to attend a writer’s conference in Indianapolis. God used that event to open further writing opportunities for me in the areas of women’s study books.  I especially enjoy addressing topics which help women understand God’s design of femininity, His magnificent creation of the genders and the way they’re meant to complement each other. I enjoy writing some fiction too, and have focused mostly on the short story genre.

Author Valorie QuesenberryI couldn’t do what I do without my family – their love, encouragement and ideas inspire me. My husband and children are an incredible blessing to me in myriad ways. My life right now is packed with life’s routines – being a pastor’s wife, loving my husband, raising my kids and learning still how to be a good homemaker!  When I have time, I can be found writing or browsing books in the library or bookstore (and if there’s a cup of gourmet coffee involved, that’s even better!)

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