I read a lot. I write a lot. I’m an “under the surface” sort of temperament. I love to find out “why” things are a certain way, particularly as it relates to relationships with others and my walk with the Lord.

As I devour the insight of others who articulate their discoveries so well, I find myself trying to assimilate all I’ve ever read into my life. That’s a daunting task. There are so many levels, layers to living. Processing all that information and keeping it in my perspective is not something I have found myself doing perfectly.

That’s what I love to imagine about heaven. I’m also a “heaven thinking” sort of temperament because I believe it is a real place and I’m going to live there someday. I want to know about it, think about it, especially when the future on earth seems so riddled with confusion and fear. No, I don’t delight in doom and gloom; I want to believe that the world will last 100 more years and I’ll be looking through scrapbooks with my grandchildren (which will make all that saving of keepsakes seem more worthwhile!) But I know enough about the Bible and am cognizant enough about world events to know that they may not happen. So, keeping heaven real is my way of continuing to plan for the future.

Those books I want to write; maybe Heaven has authors; I believe giftedness is in the soul-we’ll just trade earthly expression for heavenly ways. Why would God strip us of His image in us?

The family vacations we want to have; we’ll just spend time together seeing some really new sights.

The things I enjoy–shopping, reading, photography, etc; I’ll just exchange them for something better.

I know that whenever someone talks or writes about heaven, people start getting freaked out. Does she have a premonition? Why is she saying all this? Nope, haven’t seen any visions. Don’t want to.

I just look forward to all the great things heaven is going to be. Like, getting back to my opening statement, a new understanding of the great truths I try so hard to grasp here. Put all the eye-opening books, all the soul-enlightening sermons, all the “ahah” moments when someone communicated deeply with you together and you begin to see just a glimmer of what heaven will be like. The vast libraries of God’s knowledge will be opened to us. We will see, understand, and finally assimilate. Now, that sounds like a fun eternity.

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