Do you ever get the idea that maybe God frowns upon technological advances? You know, like He’s upset that man is edging toward greater abilities?

Maybe because of the Tower of Babel story where God scattered the peoples of the earth because they tried to assault the regions of heaven. The key factor in that story is the arrogance that preceded their building. They were going to take their greatness to the very height of authority. God said no — His domain is not up for contest.

Good lesson for everybody.

Now, take another approach. Maybe God smiles, yes, actually smiles on inventors and scientists. Maybe like I do when my little boy gets a hard word right on the first try or when my daughter writes a beautiful poem. Maybe He had a sort-of divine “all right!” feeling when Thomas Edison switched on the lights for the world or when Alexander Graham Bell figured out how to transmit sound over wires. Don’t you think He was happy when vaccines were discovered and when doctors were able to perform surgery on the tiny chambers of the heart of a precious unborn child? Maybe He was excited when man finally learned enough to land on the moon and when the technology of the Internet was developed.

Maybe He says “You’re getting it, I knew you could.” One thing I know for sure, He is never threatened by our advances. He doesn’t fear our abilities or our gifts. He GAVE them after all. What parent is disappointed when his child uses his talents and achieves great things? Not many I know.

I think the Father longs to be proud of us. He wants to show off to Satan the excellence in His children, despite the corruption of a fallen world. That’s why our hearts are so important. It’s the attitude that makes the difference.

Go out and do something great today and make your Father proud.

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