I had a great time at the Writers Conference this weekend in Indy.  I learned a lot and got to interact with some wonderful writers and editors.  It was exciting for me to have the opportunity to share a little bit about how ICWC has impacted my writing journey and see the cover of Reflecting Beauty projected on the screen beside me.  I’m thinking “Wow, this is really me up here, with a book being published soon.”  But, I couldn’t dwell on that aspect of it–it would make me feel suddenly nervous to realize what a surreal moment it was! 

So, I got that over with and just immersed myself in the atmosphere.  The speakers were tremendous and the information was so valuable.  I came away realizing how very much I like to write, but how far I have to go in this apprenticeship.  

And I have come to a greater realization that the written word should be both art and truth.  Words can express the wonder of experience and the delight of a narrative but they should also deliver the illumination of truth.  So, I think I’ll work even harder on both the mechanics and the focus of my writing.  There is so much more to learn. 

My voice instructor, Garen Wolf I, often said.  “Music is the vehicle upon which the Word of God rides.”  Oh, that my written words could dare to be the same. 

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