In the past couple months, I have compared my journey to two vastly different people–Abraham and Alice (in Wonderland, that is).

Now, I know that’s quite a comparison. So, here’s why I say that.

Sometimes, life brings change so unexpectedly that it does feel like following a white rabbit down a hole and waking up in Wonderland, “where nothing is as it seems.” The mind scrambles to keep up with the feet. Like Alice, the experience gets “curiouser and curiouser” as we look for the way back to normalcy.

On the other hand, in the abrupt movings of our lives, we can trace the hand of God and listening closely, we can hear His voice calling to us to have faith and follow Him step by step. Like Abraham, we rouse the camels and start out, assured that God is guiding the trip.

As my family transitions (what a nice word for a lot of packing!) into a new ministry location, I feel all those accompanying emotions that come with a move. A pastor’s home is a fluid thing–it is subject to change. We leave part of ourselves here and begin to affix another part of ourselves there. To pastor is to leave your heart scattered across the country. And God rewards you with multitudes of friends.

As Paul admonished young Timothy, through all the changes of life, we must “continue in the things we have been assured of.” The unchangeables are the realities in this world. I want my life to be fastened to the rock solid strength of Jesus. He gives “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.” His faithfulness is great. (and with that, I’ve got more packing to do!)

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