There is a dearth of thinking citizens in America.

We need a big name to help us decide. We need a talk show host to give us the nod. We need a politician or the news media to tell us we’re doing the smart thing.

What is up with that?

If individual Americans can’t decide on which Presidential candidate they prefer, I have reservations about their ability to perform well in other areas of living that require critical thought. How about where to attend college, which vocation is best, and what department store to frequent? Those are decisions which other regimes of the world are more than glad to help their residents make.

But America prides itself on its independence. We have documents, wars, and monuments to prove it. We are a nation who thinks for itself – a big country who believes in the bigness of every solitary person. Because the big picture is only as strong as all the little strokes that boldly show their unique colors.

Facts are good. Information is vital. News is great. But, we don’t need biases, opinions, and warmed-over prejudices to help us cast our votes. I am disappointed in the pundits who have gone so far as to ask their own party to turn traitor in order to effect the win they think is best. That seems to be misguided patriotism. I am frustrated with news outlets who seem determined to “help” the listening public with often incomplete information. We don’t need that. What we do need is the courage to stand for what we truly believe in. And prove it at the polls.

Think for yourself or listen to others. You decide.

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