For those of us who have had a “new birth” in Christ, the making of resolutions can be viewed with a bit of a jaundiced eye. Merely “turning over a new leaf” seems like human effort – just self-help amped up a bit. But, I believe God built into our world natural renewal points. True, they are less significant than one’s conversion, but every bit as helpful in our journey toward Christian maturity.

Every person needs the invigoration of a new start.  Whether it’s a relationship, a health issue or just a personal goal, there is something refreshing and motivating about wiping the slate clean and starting again.  That’s one reason I’m not an advocate for year-round schooling.  I think it does both student and parent good to end one year, take a break and start again.

As 2012 begins, there are 12 months of life to be lived, 365 days of journal pages to be filled, and 52 weeks of challenge, faith and adventure to be experienced. Like me, you may have unfinished business from 2011; it’s time to let it go and embrace the bright and new hope of another year. If we can take the risk and keep our confidence in God, we might just find this to be an astounding year of growth and change (in a good way).  At least, that’s my attitude today.

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