It’s the common catchall phrase these days for relationships.  
We’ve “been together” for 6 months, 2 years, whatever the time frame. I hear couples use it all the time. 
But if you are committed to biblical living, I’m asking you not to say it. What’s wrong with “we’ve been dating 6 months” or “we’ve been married 2 years?”
Maybe you don’t realize that “been together” can be a euphemism for relationships that do not honor God. It can mean living together as well as dating. It can mean anything really. And it’s a way to say it without saying it. Get it?
The Bible says “Marriage is honorable in all . . . but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” (Hebrews 13:4, NKJV) We don’t use these words much anymore; they’re too jarring, too rude-sounding. But that’s what sexual sin is – in God’s eyes. Trying it soften it by using vague terms doesn’t make it beautiful or sweet or okay. It’s wrong, and God will judge those who live that way if they do not repent.
So, I’m calling you to stand for relationships God’s way. 
Don’t “be together
 “be dating”
 “be married” 
and above all 
“be holy” 
 – your body and soul and spirit consecrated completely to God 
so that He may be glorified in your life.

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