I do try to avoid posting rants, but I’m wondering if anybody else is over the “patriotic” pictures some celebs are making available to the public. It is their right as Americans, I suppose, but wearing the red, white and blue as a bikini seems to me a suspect way to hail Old Glory.

I have long pondered the question if it is a good idea to “wear” the flag anyway. Whoa; wait a minute! Yes, I like Old Navy and Faded Glory t-shirts; own some. My daughters have worn “flag” bows and jumpers and it was cute and all that. I’m not saying I wouldn’t wear “flag” apparel again; just that I’ve wondered if “wearing” it raises or lowers its honor.

Would the “greatest generation” have worn the flag; or is it just an idea that nobody had back in the ’40’s? Do citizens of other countries wear the nation’s colors, not just as an ensemble, but in the pattern of their flag?

I don’t know the answer, and it isn’t the watermark of patriotism whether one does or doesn’t, but I’m just asking that those who choose to wear it do so with a little more decorum. Really. Who believes that the motivation for a red, white and blue swimsuit shot is pure patriotism?

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