What is your secret fear? What will you do with it?

Hide it?
Flaunt it?
Pamper it?
Admonish it?
Deny it?
Confront it?

Every living person has a fear, at least one. Like shivers during a cold shower, fear invades our lives even while we tell ourselves everything is fine.

God didn’t intend for us to be fearful, but we are. And the fault isn’t His. Disobedience brings fear. We are the disobedient. We are fearful. And the seed yields an abundant crop.

Examining your secret fear will tell you something about who you are and what you need to do in life. Perhaps greatness isn’t always “thrust” upon us; it could be that greatness is the result of a valiant struggle with fear – one that triumphs.

Need help with fear? No problem; God specializes in bringing down Goliaths.

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