If you’re a reader, you probably enjoy the little game that goes on in the pages of a good novel. You find yourself identifying with the heroine, being absorbed into the character, taking on traits you’ve always wanted and finding that almost perfect conclusion.

We know the heroine has to succeed, overcome, triumph. That’s the way stories are.

I read somewhere that you should live life that way. Be the heroine of your own story. Stop waiting for the fairy tale to happen and just tackle real life. Be the catalyst for positive change in your own circumstances. Stop just setting future goals; instead, make them happen if possible.

Rather difficult to do. Certainly more difficult than sitting on the couch reading about it. But that’s what makes the achievements in the real world so sweet. Heroines live for a few hundred pages. Real women live in the hearts of others forever. And, with God as the Author, you know the story will be a bestseller…..’cause He keeps refining the heroine as the tale goes along. (Philippians 1:6)

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