After 10 days, Duane is back. The kids and I are so glad to have him home. We met him at the airport in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday evening and celebrated with a meal at Cracker Barrel on the way home. He was tired and is still adjusting back to sleep patterns after being on a schedule 13 hours ahead of us while in the Philippines. But, regardless of the jet lag, he is home and the parsonage is feeling “normal” again.
I was sick with strep throat while he was gone, and spent a couple of miserable days. A sweet lady from my church helped me out though and several of them called to check on me. I am much better now and hope I never experience that illness again.
As you will see from the pictures below, Duane had a lot of wonderful experiences while he was overseas. He was impressed with the ministry going on there and had a great time with our old friends from Alabama, David and Christina Black, as well as our newer friends Tim and Becky Keep who had just returned from the States on deputation. They took great care of him while he was with them. He got to experience riding in a “jeepney” on the Filipino highways and the wonders of the market. He had fun shopping for souvenirs and getting the “lowest price” from the vendors. He and Steve Gresham also played basketball with the missionaries and the Filipinos, ate in the college dining hall, and most importantly were privileged to worship with some of our Filipino brothers and sisters in Christ as well as teaching several sessions during the Shepherd’s Institute (an annual ministerial for Filipino pastors). It was truly an unforgettable trip, and he was enriched by his time over there.
Now, he is back here where we have snow falling and quite cold temperatures. Having him gone makes me realize again how much I love him and how good it is to have my man around the place. Now, there will be no more cheating on the meals — since Daddy is home, mom is back at the stove again cooking real food……..and I’m happy to do it!
Duane, Tim Keep, & Steve Gresham with hand-carved gifts they were given.

Duane and Steve with Filipino pastors who attended the Shepherd’s Institute

at the Bible Methodist Bible College in Villiasis, Philippines.

One of Duane’s sessions during the Institute with Brother Forto interpreting.

Duane, Steve Gresham, and Tim Keep with the Bible Methodist Filipino leaders.

Calling home — this is how he talked to me while he was gone.

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