Summer is here in all its glory and I am relishing the sunny days and relaxed schedule. Well, relaxed may not be the right word, but at least my children and I are enjoying a break from the homework and lesson routine, not to mention a later bedtime.

Actually, while some activities have ceased, others have taken their place. Our family is making a move soon and so we have been swamped with sorting and packing. Our house resembles a shipping firm–boxes everywhere. We unloaded some of our loot on our friends and neighbors last week in a yard sale (hey, not all of it was worthless!) And some of it has been relegated to the dump. The rest we are trying to jam into boxes from the hospital, from the grocery store, etc. (thanks to all who are contributing to the Quesenberry Cardboard Drive!) Needless to say, we’ve been busy. More details on our new location coming later.

Next week is the Heartland Bible Methodist Camp and our family will be occupying our cute little cabin on the grounds. It has been so nice to have our own digs to relax in during camp. And this year, my brother Jim and his wife Audrey and their girls will be visiting our camp for a few days and I am looking forward to spending time with him. Family is so important and I don’t get to see mine nearly enough! My kids love camp and are already talking about it — it’s worth all the grimy clothes and inconvenience to give them a connection to friends and an encounter with God. You can’t go wrong with a combination like that.

I’m still doing some writing, although it has had to take a backseat right now with all the other things going on. My editor at Wesleyan Publishing is perfecting my manuscript and I’m anxious to see the finished product. I have a couple other book ideas — a nonfiction and a fiction. Maybe when life settles down, I’ll get more done on those. When I read how much time other authors spend tapping the keyboard, I’m discouraged. But God has given me other gifts as well — my husband, my children, and our ministry together. So, each thing must fit its own niche. He makes all things beautiful in His time, not mine.

By the way, I was privileged to write an endorsement for the Indianapolis Christian Writers Conference. If you’re interested, check out

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