Yesterday, one of our kittens was missing.  My husband and I were concerned (we care about our pets) but we didn’t feel the urgency our daughter did to do something right away.  Bundled in her coat against the winter morning, she went walking down our street, calling the kitty’s name, and listening to hear from him. It wasn’t long until she got a response; Porky was caught up in a neighbor’s tree. How long he was up there we do not know.  He may have spent a very uncomfortable Friday night or maybe just a few hours on cold, bare branches.  But he was ready to get out of there and, hearing Autumn’s voice, knew that compassion and salvation were near.  He was meowing for his little cat life.  After my husband hoisted Autumn up into the tree, she was able to reach the kitten and bring him down.  Not before she got scratched in the process, but then, rescuers usually bear scars, don’t they?  And so, for a little kitty, a day that began in fear and bondage ended in food and a loving embrace.

What a great reminder of the love of our rescuing God!  He missed us before we ever missed Him and came looking, listening for us to call out to Him.  Disregarding the inconvenience and pain of the rescue, He reached out for us and brought us to safety in strong and tender arms.  The love my daughter has for her kitten is just a spark of the great blazing love God has for us.  He is all about rescue.  And we love Him because He first loved us and gave Himself for us.

In Ezekiel 16, the nation of Israel is compared to an abandoned baby that was rescued and lavished with extravagant love.  As the little girl grew into womanhood, she turned her back on her benefactor and sought other admirers.  But, He loved her while she wandered and when she was broken and despairing, He forgave her and restored her and made her lovely again. 

That is a picture of what God does for each of us.  And as women, we have a unique understanding of how God wants to cherish and protect us because that is the longing of every woman in human relationship.  How much more meaningful to realize that longing is but a glimpse into the heart of God and His loving plan for our lives. 

(for more study, see chapter 2 of
Reflecting Beauty: Embracing the Creator’s Design,
releasing april 2010)

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