Today, I’ll just be thankful for ordinary things. My life isn’t made of the spectacular anyway. Big days give me tension headaches and lots of stress. But I can handle the common, everyday stuff. And it’s there that I find the most extraordinary reasons for thankfulness.

I’m glad for a body and brain that work well (most of the time), for senses that let me experience my world and for the sound of appliances that help me keep up with the cooking, washing and cleaning of my home. I’m thankful for the voices of children and my husband’s presence. I’m happy to have a vehicle that can take me many miles in one day and allows me to live this fast-paced life I have. I’m glad for a bed that is soft and warm, for heavy quilts and clean clothing. I’m thankful for pianos and kids playing Christmas songs and Scrabble and studying for tests. I’m happy to have soap and shampoo and toothpaste and Saran wrap and sandwich baggies. I’m thankful for family being together for Thanksgiving – even sitting slumped in the living room after stuffing ourselves and being a bit miserable – just those of us connected by blood and name being together in one place is a blessing I never want to take for granted.

I’m happy for the steady line of God’s providence and grace. When all the philosophizing and debating and struggling have come to an end, all I know for sure is that He is what makes sense in this life, and without Him, there is no hope in the next. I don’t understand His ways, but I’m learning to rest in His uncertainly certain faithfulness. After all, He is not a “tame Lion” says C. S. Lewis, but He is a Lion all the same – strong on our behalf, ever constant, ever loyal, ever love.

I’m going to relish the dishes set out on the family Thanksgiving table, and I’m going to enjoy every fantastic thing that happens on this holiday weekend. But I hope I’ll remember to be most thankful for the ordinary things which turn out to be the most wonderful of all.

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