I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the political drama playing out yesterday. I sat and stared at my computer screen watching the events of the inauguration play out.

As fascinating to me as the pomp and circumstance was the human underscore of the day. I was interested in the gift Mrs. Obama gave to Mrs. Bush (I found out it was a leather bound journal and pen inscribed with the date to begin her memoires that she is scheduled to write.) I watched the little Obama girls waltz down the walkway and wondered what was going through their little girl minds. I saw the Bushes and the Obamas pose on the White House steps and pondered what Mr. and Mrs. Bush were thinking as they served coffee for the last time. I even wondered about their last night in the White House — their furniture was already gone — where did they sleep? Surely not a pallet on the floor.

I wondered what it must feel like as the incoming president to walk out onto the balcony of the capitol building, view the panorama of the D.C. crowds and monuments, and know that you are the one responsible for all you see in front of you. I mused how George Bush felt at 12:00 when he was officially the former president, what it was like to climb in that chopper and pull away from it all. I hear that he blew a kiss to the White House from the limo, but that he and Mrs. Bush were excited about a different kind of schedule in Texas, soaking up the sun and family togetherness, no doubt.

But the thing that stuck with me yesterday was something a commentator said about former President Bush’s transition to private life. He said he thought he would be active and happy, because he had been around their family and ” . . . the Bushes are whole people.”

I liked that. What a way to describe a person. Whole. I hope that someday others can say of me that I was whole, still human of course, but knowing where the sense of completeness comes from–the grace of God working in my life to spackle the dents and give me direction and purpose.

Well done, Mr. Bush, sir. I hope you enjoy your new life. May we all be the whole people America needs us to be.

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