It’s been a week since the High Court handed down a decision in the Dobbs case that effectively ended the federal blessing to the slaughter legalized by Roe v. Wade. The world had to pause. And well it should. 

The assisted death of over 60 million babies is nothing to pass without even a mere moment of silence, but it has. So, it is altogether appropriate that we should pause when the legality of their demise has been rescinded. There is now no longer a pretense at federal justification; there is no claim to constitutional license: abortion is killing that must be ruled upon by the states. May God help them to consider the matter soberly. 

As the Glorious Fourth is now upon us, we must reflect on the liberty of all, and thank God in heaven that we have the leave to do so. The Decoration of Independence stated it in paper; our nation has striven for centuries to prove it in practice. But the author of liberty is God Almighty who gave us freedom in worship and obedience. If we, as Americans, choose to worship and obey Him, there will be no quibble over life and its beginnings. We will simply stay out of His sphere. And when the behavior of our children or our friends or our neighbors result in crisis pregnancies or life brings us caregiving complications and mentally challenged souls, we will choose life by leaving those lives up to the One who gave them. And we will call the taking of those lives, “sin.” This is the liberty we have. The liberty of life for all.

Deep down, every human recognizes the drumbeat of life. And though we may try to drown it with rationalizations using medical vagueness and reshape it with nice reminders about personal sensitivity, we cannot silence its thumping rhythm.  In the end, these little human beings are our neighbors, and we have not loved them as we love ourselves. 

But thank God for mercy. We must receive it. And part of that receiving is rejoicing that those being led away to death may now have a better chance of rescue. Oh, rejoice. Rejoice, church! Rejoice, Christian family! Life raises its banner once again, and liberty is alive and well. 

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